Five Fun Facts About Hemp!

Five Fun Facts About Hemp!

Five Fun Facts About Hemp!

Unlike today’s world, before the 1920’s hemp was a versatile and highly encouraged plant to be grown. After the Mexican revolution of 1910, Mexican immigrants came to the United States and introduced Americans to the recreational use of marijuana. This sparked controversy and hearsay that marijuana was directly linked to violence, insanity, crime and drug addiction.

Though most of us now know this isn’t the case, we thought it would fun to share a couple of fun facts about hemp with you!


  1. In 1619 hemp was allowed to be exchanged as legal tender in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland.


  1. After most states outlawed the use of marijuana, the U.S Department of Agriculture launched its “Hemp for Victory” program during WWII. This was when hemp was a crucial material for producing marine cordage (ropes and cords). They encouraged farmers to plant hemp by giving out seeds and granting draft deferments.


  1. If you’ve ever come across a super food list, hemp seeds were most likely on there. Hemp seeds contain all of the essential amino acids needed by the human body. It also contains Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which is found in breast milk, leaving parents appreciating hemp milk even just a tiny bit more.


  1. George Washington grew hemp! Yes, you read that correct! George Washington owned five farms and grew hemp on all five. Through reading the journals written by Washington himself it seems that his main reason for growing hemp was to take advantage of the strong fibers of the plant. Some say hemp is even stronger than steel!


  1. Last but not least, hemp can save the world! Okay, not entirely, but some might argue it can. With such a high carbon-dioxide uptake, it creates a process called “carbon sequestration”. This is the process of capturing and storing carbon dioxide. Every acre of hemp eliminates 10 tons of carbon! It sounds like we need another law stating every farmer needs to grow hemp! (It’s true! Back in the 1700’s farmers were legally required to grow hemp! Crazy, right?)


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