Welcome to Plenroot Farms


A little bit about us

Plenroot Farms was born with a mission to invest in our health. We are reconnecting with what our planet has naturally provided us. This means we only provide products that are of best and highest quality! When you buy products from us, you can be sure you're getting only the best.



It is with great pride to say we grow all of our own hemp! Our farmers take this job seriously and use only organic practices. Without their hard work and dedication, we wouldn't have the quality hemp we do. There is no short cuts when it comes to our hemp or our products. We want only the best and will serve you with nothing less. Learn more about our growing process here!


Why choose Plenroot Farms?

We care about the people. Like in any industry, there are hemp companies only looking to stack the cash. We are looking to help. And though we can’t promise healing, there is benefits to using quality CBD and we are here to provide you with it. Your search is over. Offering a range of products, we believe there is something for everyone. We offer full-spectrum CBD and isolate CBD (THC free). We strive for a product that makes you feel good so you can be a better you. Let’s dance together and celebrate all CBD has to offer!