About Us

Plenroot Farms is your best source for top-quality, hemp derived CBD products. Based out of Brownfield, ME, we are devoted to providing a safe and clean CBD product. With a world largely relying on artificial and processed products, we have a desire to connect you with our planet’s natural resources by using premium and minimally processed ingredients. Our CBD products are handcrafted to perfection to help you be a better you. We were born with a mission to invest in our health and as we like to say, wellness is truly rooted in nature.



Where does our CBD come from?

We grow it! Our farm is the heart of our company. It would be easy to find a cheap alternative, but we refuse to take short-cuts. Our farmers are devoted cannabis enthusiasts with an ever-growing admiration for the hemp plant. 
With wellness in the forefront of our mind, we farm using only organic practices. We stand against harsh chemicals because we are aware of what they do to human bodies, wildlife, and the environment. We hand plant each seed and spend long days on the farm tending to the needs of each plant to ensure our final product is one we are proud of.  

Why choose Plenroot Farms?

We are looking to connect you with a top-quality CBD product you can trust. We offer both full spectrum and isolate CBD products, free from pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. We focus on consistency and excellence to guarantee you get an exceptional product every time. When you buy CBD products from Plenroot Farms, you can be confident you are only getting the best.