It's always exciting when it's time to plant our seeds. It's an adventure we look forward to throughout the entire winter season. It reminds us spring is on the way. But not only that, we're excited and eager to once again share another harvest with you. And I know we always talk about using the best ingredients when it comes to our products, but it all starts with the seeds. When it's time to pop our lonely friends into their individual pods, we want them to flourish and thrive. This means we have use organic soil. We shy away from harmful chemicals because we're aware of what it does to our bodies, wildlife, water source and environment. We connect with nature through our harvest season. Our fingers dance in the dirt and we smile knowing the potential of each seed. We are the core of its life line and we take that serious. We're growing something grand and harsh chemicals will destroy everything we believe in.



Well, we give them love and lots of it! We focus on monitoring the baby seedlings to ensure their desire to grow, and we show our love through the water we give. These little ladies need to get a lot of it! And while we're showering our greenhouse with love, we're also working on prepping our field. Our farmer works consistently and diligently to make sure it's perfect for when we need to transplant. Once the seedlings are big enough, we bring them into the field where they will live for the rest of their harvest. This is when the real magic happens!


Between our care and their willingness to grow, our tiny seedlings turn large. The plants soak in the sun and try to reach the sky. We always tell them, "The sky is the limit." Just kidding...we know they can't hear us... Our path ways to walk soon become preoccupied by the arms of the plants. We love watching them live their best life! 


Once these ladies end their cycle of growth, we find it bittersweet having to cut them down. We've spent months watching and encouraging them to grow, so seeing them go always leaves us a little achy. (We also like to think they look like upside down christmas trees when they're hanging!)


After they're done drying, we start shucking and prepping for extraction! Extraction is a huge and important part of the process. We care about who handles our plants when they aren't in our care, so we've hired a transparent and truthful company to do this part of the process for us! They're awesome!

And after months of some serious TLC, we have exactly what we've been striving for - full spectrum and isolate CBD! We do everything, but extraction, in house! We take pride in the products we provide for our customers, and putting that in the hands of a machine or someone else, doesn't sit well with us. Every product we make is handcrafted and sent off to their new home with love!

We love our Plenroot Farms family! Thank you for cheering us on!